Then, with a unanimous rush of passion, you will with ONE voice glorify God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ Romans 15:6 TPT


In His conversation with the Samaritan woman, Jesus shared that what pleases the Father’s heart is whole-hearted worship with true united passion from us in spirit. So even if we are in a season in which we cannot worship corporately in church, we can still be connected in one spirit by having a heart posture of worship toward God throughout our day.

And as we join in lifting up ONE voice, ONE song, to our God, He is enthroned on our praises and just like scripture says, the walls of Jericho fell and battles were won through united consistent praise in glorifying our Father in Heaven. His love will bring us up from the ashes and out of the darkness into the light!


  1. Praise and worship God through your day with songs which focus on His goodness and faithfulness. Pray the lyrics from your heart as you sing out loud!
  2. Dwell on scriptures that focus on praising and glorifying God—for example: Psalm 138, Psalm 65, Psalm 34

DECLARATION: We lift You up in our praises because You are always good and worthy Lord!

Devotional contributor: Sandra & Ivan Prabhakher

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