Living Between the Now and the Not Yet!

Weariness lowers the standard of expectancy.  Weary people often adopt a theology based on their disappointment with God.  Weary ones say with a shrug, “Oh well, I guess that’s all I can expect in this life.  I’ll simply endure the earth and experience heaven later.”  But perseverance says, “By the grace of God, I amContinue reading “Living Between the Now and the Not Yet!”

Faith and Perseverance

Hebrews 6:12 says, “You will be imitators of those who inherit the promises through faith and perseverance” (HCSB).  We need faith.  And we need perseverance.  We need faith to believe the promises God has made, and we need perseverance to trust until we receive the promises God has made.  Perseverance is our posture between theContinue reading “Faith and Perseverance”

The Power to Overcome Weariness

Connecting with the Lord at the heart level changes everything.  Two of Jesus’ disciples experienced this.  Unknowingly walking with Him after He had risen from the dead, they later commented, “Didn’t our hearts burn within us as He talked with us on the way?” (Luke 12:42).  When His heart touches ours we are never theContinue reading “The Power to Overcome Weariness”

Freedom From “Victimhood”

Rather than becoming victims of our circumstances, we can take responsibility for our lives. We’ve been made “response-able,” given the ability to respond. So many of the Psalms reflect this response to His faithfulness. Though each song is unique, many of them follow this basic format:             Part one- INTIMACY. When we tell God whatContinue reading “Freedom From “Victimhood””

Praying Powerful Prayers (part 5)

As we conclude Jesus’ model prayer (i.e., The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6) we are brought to the place of increased confidence in Him. True confidence increases as we learn to confide in Him! There we can declare: “Lead us! For Yours is the Kingdom, power, and glory!” In other words, “You will lead usContinue reading “Praying Powerful Prayers (part 5)”

Praying Powerful Prayers (part 4)

Jesus’ model for prayer (i.e., The Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6) is key to experiencing our relationship with Him. It is one of childlike awe and intimacy. It is one of confident boldness and passion. But at its core—it is one of dependency and expectancy. He literally taught us to declare, “You will give usContinue reading “Praying Powerful Prayers (part 4)”

Praying Powerful Prayers (part 3)

“When you pray say (i.e., declare with authority)!” (Matthew 6:9) Jesus taught us to pray with the awe and intimacy of much-loved children (i.e., “Our Father in heaven, Holy is Your name”). He also taught us to pray with the boldness and passion of confident warriors! Two of the strong declarations Jesus told us toContinue reading “Praying Powerful Prayers (part 3)”

Praying Powerful Prayers (Part 2)

            “When you pray say, “Our Father in heaven, Holy is Your name!” (Matthew 6:9) If there’s ever been a time needing the powerful prayers of the people of God—this is it! Jesus clearly teaches us how to pray. We’ve come to call His model prayer “The Lord’s Prayer.” But it’s actually our prayer. It’sContinue reading “Praying Powerful Prayers (Part 2)”