Faith and Perseverance

Hebrews 6:12 says, “You will be imitators of those who inherit the promises through faith and perseverance” (HCSB).  We need faith.  And we need perseverance.  We need faith to believe the promises God has made, and we need perseverance to trust until we receive the promises God has made.  Perseverance is our posture between the “now” and the “not yet.”  It’s the capacity to hold fast to what He has said “now,” though the manifestation has “not yet” happened. 

Paul describes the attitude of perseverance as “straining toward what is ahead” (Philippians 3:13).  Picture athletes running toward the finish line of a foot race, every muscle taut.  With a look of sheer determination on each face, they sprint toward the ribbon.  Every drop of energy is being expended.  Nothing is being held back.  That’s straining!

Perseverance has a focal point: our eyes are fixed on Jesus.  Our hearts stay focused on the One who has given us promises, knowing He is faithful, and He will bring it to pass! The writer of Hebrews said, “Throw off everything that hinders.  Let’s run the race with perseverance” (Hebrews 12:1).  The “race” we are running can be best described as a marathon.  It’s more than “one punch and you’re done, one shout and it’s over, or one Scripture and it’s through.”  There is persistence.  Perseverance.  A determination that says, “We are going to get there.  We will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living!”

Pastor Dave Hess

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