Challenge Your Limitations

Don’t Live by the Declarations of Your Limitations—Challenge Them

Anyone who knows me, know that l like to run, but I wasn’t always a fan of running. When I was 39 years old a dear friend of mine encouraged me to run. Until that time, walking was my preferred physical activity. In my mind, I thought I couldn’t run, and walking was the only thing I was capable of doing. I had created “declaration of limitation” that was based on my opinion of my physical abilities. I told myself every time I got on the treadmill, “Cynthia, you can’t run.” So, I walked.

It wasn’t until my dear friend challenged this declaration of mine. Each time I would say, “I can’t run”, Stephanie would say, “Yes, you can”. Each week she would challenge me to run two or more minutes, and every week I met the challenge. I begin to realize that my declaration was not based on what I was actually capable of doing, but based on limitations that I had placed upon myself.

What “declarations of limitations” have you placed upon yourself? Maybe you’ve said, “I could never be a motivational speaker because I am too shy”, or “I could never get a good job because I am not smart enough”. Whatever it is, I encourage you to challenge that “declaration of limitation”. Step out in faith and do the opposite of what you say you can’t do. Philippians 4:13, says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me”. Know that it is through Christ that we accomplish all the things that we believe we cannot do.

When Stephanie and I would work out together, we would declare Philippians 4:13. Each time I declared this scripture, I chipped away at the “declaration of limitation” I had told myself for years, which was that I could not run. I went from walking to running many 5K’s, Half- Marathons and a Marathon.

God’s desire is for you to succeed. He is the God of impossibilities. Don’t create “declarations of limitations” for your life and live by them. There is more on the inside of you that needs to come out. Challenge those “declarations of limitations” and watch the impossibilities manifest!

By Cynthia Jackson

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One thought on “Challenge Your Limitations

  1. I believe that I have put limitations on myself probably not understanding the ramifications. Thanks Cynthia for the good word. I will try to chip away those limitations I might have put on my life. If we know God wants us to do something we should know the limitations will be overcome with God’s Spirit.


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