“…In every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”

The word for prayer in this passage does not refer to making requests. It means to be up close and personal with Jesus and exchange with Him in every situation. Think about that. We get to exchange with the One who holds the world in His hand! We share our hearts, secrets, dreams, etc. and He shares His with us.

I have personal connections with people facing big challenges and storms right now, some even life-threatening. You may have similar connections. The world has a lot happening right now to say the least. What do we do with that? How do we process our friends’ situations, let alone our own? Where do we put the things that don’t make sense? How do we move forward when we feel pulled in different directions? How do you catch your breath when you feel like you’re under water?

Just being with Jesus, you get to bring all of the questions and let Him exchange with you—your past for a clean slate, your fear for courage, your anxiety for peace, your darkness for light, your illness for healing…I love this! You bring your perspective and walk away with His. You may not always get answers in the moment to your questions, but you can have peace. It seems like an unfair exchange rate to me, but this is what His love looks like.

Take a second look at what “prayer” looks like. Get up close. Get personal. Tell Him what’s going on. He can handle it. Then let Him exchange with you.

Tim Spirk

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