4 Ways to Upgrade Your Faith

Oxford dictionary says confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; it’s firm trust. It is the fuel and motivation needed to accomplish goals. Too little confidence can prevent us from taking risks and seizing opportunities; too much confidence can look like arrogance. Our confidence is often shaped based on our life experiences, past traumas, and failures. We often file memories as monumental check points and often say, “I’ll never trust that person again” or “I’ll never do that again.” It’s interesting to see how much we allow our past to dictate our future decisions. 

Current culture advises us to build our self-confidence, trusting in our own abilities and qualities. While your personal brand and healthy self-image is important, I believe it’s imperative to have a good view of God and the plans He has for your life. 

Confidence and increased faith in God starts with the way you think. What you focus your attention on will determine whether you respond with faith or with doubt. Focus is heightened by proper nutrition, rest, and hydration. Spiritual focus is gained by daily feedings of the word, trusting and resting in God. It’s about having healthy thoughts.

Just like food is the fuel that regulates your energy and mood, faith is the fuel for living out God’s plan for your life. Thoughts are precious, so guard them!

Only after reading His thoughts through Scripture and seeing how much He loves the creation He made will you begin to trust Him in every situation. I’m sure that, like me, your faith has been tested more times than you can count. Have you ever asked God “why me”? I have! I didn’t believe there was purpose to my pain and felt hopeless. So, I had to make a choice. Did I want to feel hopeless or did I want to feel hopeful? I decided I would view even the hardest situations through the lenses of faith and the love God has for me. I’ve learned to trust in His sovereignty even when my human mind doesn’t understand. Faith is believing. I don’t have to know the details of His plan. He does!

It’s easy to focus on the insurmountable issue directly in front of you. But I encourage you not to limit what God can do. Remember, it starts with your thoughts.

Below are 4 principles that have helped me grow in God Confidence

1). Believe His Word

Have complete trust in the sovereignty and plan of God even if you don’t understand. Fact check your thoughts. If they don’t line up with the Bible and with heaven, delete them! There should be no room for negative thoughts to take root in your mind.

2). Declare His Word

Eat & digest the Scriptures in the Bible. Hearing and living the Word is crucial. Commit and set aside time for Bible study. There are many Bible apps and devotions right at your fingertips to help increase your faith daily. Engage in small groups with others who will challenge you to live a life filled with hope and promise.

3). Get the Most Out of Every Difficult Situation 

Have a faith-filled perspective, seeing every obstacle as a faith booster. Even your most trying circumstance is an invaluable opportunity to experience the faithfulness of God. Focus on the end!

4). Live Your Best Life 

When I applied for my first leadership role, I was advised to dress for the job I wanted, not the job I had. It was a reminder to think and look like my final goal. Are you thinking and preparing for the life God has planned for you? Don’t live in your past mistakes. Choose to dust your feet off and walk in the life that has been purposed for you! 

“Our thoughts create our perceptions. Our perceptions determine our actions. And our actions will lead to our destiny.” – La-Kita Gilmore

Think BIG, because God does!

La-Kita Gilmore

IG: kitagilmore
Facebook: LakitaGilmore

4 thoughts on “4 Ways to Upgrade Your Faith

  1. amen get that word in and see hard things as faith boosters. That may seem hard some day but with GOD we can do it . Time to think big no matter what age we are


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