The Negativity Train

Negativity- An attitude in which someone considers only the bad qualities of a person or situation and not the good ones.

Let’s be honest; we have all been on the “Negativity Train”. The world makes it very easy for us to get on this train.  During the ride, we have all the time and space we need to complain, murmur, and negatively judge others and situations.  

As the definition states, negativity is an attitude. So, we get to decide what our attitude will be. When opportunities to consider a person’s behavior or situation arise, are we going to highlight someone’s bad qualities and situation OR highlight someone’s good qualities and status?  Will we respond through the lens of positivity and improvement, or will we react through negativity and devastation?   

I want to encourage you to decide to consider the good qualities of a person and situation, rather than the negative ones. Be persistent in resisting a ride on the “Negativity Train”. This train stops at- “The city of Confusion,” “The town of Destruction,” and the final stop to “The village of Stagnation”. We don’t want to visit these places or take up permanent residence. 

When tempted to take up a seat on the “Negativity Train”, I want to encourage you to remember the following:

  • Speak Life– Declare the good things God has to say about a person and their situation.
  • Encouragement– Remind the person of their successes and NOT their failures. 
  • Contribute– Be a “farmer” to the person or situation. Sow seeds of God deeds that will contribute to their growth. Be present with advice and guidance as problems arise that threaten to steal their purpose and destiny in Christ.
  • Remember– Never forget to recall how someone contributed to your life’s positive growth and “pay it forward.”
  • Voice– Be the positive voice that leads them to triumph and victory, just like someone’s voice led to success and achievement in your life. 
    Declare to the situation that God will get you through, just as He has brought you through every other challenge and obstacle you faced. The Lord is Faithful.  (2 Thessalonians 3:3)

Today, announce to the conductor of the “Negativity Train” that you will no longer be occupying a seat.  Tell him that the “Positivity Train” has better seating, and the stops are- “The city of Peace”, “The town of Restoration”, and the final stop “The village of Progress”, where the scenery is spectacular!

Cynthia Jackson

Facebook: Cynthia Baker Jackson

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