Two Are Better Than One

For a long time I secretly lived under the all-consuming weight of anxiety. When it initially hit me, I kept it to myself. I was ashamed. I assumed I was the only person in my world who struggled with it to this degree. I also didn’t want people telling me what they thought was my issue. I held my cards close. 

Numerous times while talking to people, I wondered if they had any idea of the turmoil I was in or the challenge it was to connect with them. Deep inside I longed to tell someone, but fear talked me out of it. One day, in a desperation to be free, I finally cracked open the door and began to let people in. That same door led me to my healing. 

We were not created for isolation or flying solo. We were made for community. King Solomon was a wise leader. He wrote “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed.” These are more than words on paper for me. I’ve lived this truth. I discovered the beauty of community. Most couldn’t relate to the magnitude I was experiencing, but they loved and supported me through my journey to healing. There were those who tried to fix me and enlighten me on the source of my “problem”. When I was tempted to shut the door again, I would remember the greater number of those who cheered me on to wholeness. Open the door. Two are better than one.

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