Without Ceasing

I used to drive my late husband crazy always humming a tune. Occasionally he’d ask, “Do you even hear yourself?” 

My ears don’t always hear, but my spirit does. My spirit always hears what I’m humming and I believe it’s MY way of staying in tune with the Father. The Word says in I Thessalonians 5:17 to “pray without ceasing; to be in communication with Him. For me, it’s like keeping the radio on low in the background.

This morning it was especially clear how my spirit was in tune with what He was saying to me. I woke up humming Jeremy Camp’s worship song, “Keep Me in the Moment”. It wasn’t until I was driving into work (an hour later with the same tune) that the words were loud enough in my heart to really hear what I was humming. I nearly drove off the road with the profound thoughts that turned into intentional prayer.

COVID-19, with all the regulations and challenges, has consumed my leadership hours at JOY Center, and that has spilled over into my personal life. I’ve been angry, discouraged and emotional. I haven’t been able to see past the mess.

“Oh, Lord, keep me in the moment

Help me live with my eyes wide open

‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me.

Oh, Lord, show me what matters

Throw away what I’m chasing after

‘Cause I don’t wanna miss what You have for me.”

Papa, the daily chores and distractions of this world want to consume me–my thought life, my actions and reactions. I am pressing in to hear Your heart for me. I want to be aware of how You’re speaking to my spirit. Assist me in tuning in without ceasing.

Let me challenge you to answer these two questions as you walk ahead in your relationship with the God of the Universe:

  1. How do you best fix your heart on the Father’s voice to be in tune with Him?
  2. Are you intentionally turning that hearing into prayer time spent with him?

I trust that as you seek Him, He will answer Your desire. He always has for me (even when it made my late husband crazy)!

Melinda Glen

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