In God, you are more durable than you know! 

Jesus put it this way, “Truly I tell you, among those born of women there has not risen anyone greater than John the Baptist” (Matthew 11:11).  That’s quite a statement.  Jesus is saying, “This is the truth—I’m not just being flattering.  No one has ever walked this planet, shaken this planet, and impacted lives on this planet to the extent that John the Baptist has!”

            Then Jesus made this mind-boggling statement, “Yet he who is least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he.” What a revelation!  The “least” of us will be deemed “greater” than John the Baptist!  Understand that the word “least” doesn’t imply less in value.  Rather the word means the “youngest,” the spiritual infants.   Jesus is saying, “Someone just beginning to experience new life in Me—is greater than John the Baptist!”

            Here are some of John the Baptist’s amazing qualities.  First of all, he was unshaken by external pressures.  He described himself as a “reed not shaken by the wind” (Luke 7:24).  Neither the religious environment nor the political climate could manipulate him into conformity. 

            Secondly, he was discerning.  John had the ability to see through religious performances.  John recognized the emptiness of the meticulous rule keeping among the religious leaders of his day. 

            Perhaps John’s greatest quality was his ability to confront and transition people into life-changing encounters with Jesus.  He had the power to bring the Pharisees, the most entrenched religious performers, to the place of repentance. 

            Now consider what Jesus says about you!  The youngest follower of Jesus is more powerful than John the Baptist!  There is an unshakeable tenacity at the core of your being.  You can’t be sold out, held back, backed down, or compromised.  You have discernment.  You are able to see what God is doing and pour yourself into it.  You are empowered to bring people into living encounters with Jesus.  He’s infused all of these qualities into your heart! 

John the Baptist wasn’t shaken by the world.  He shook the world.  This same potential resides in us.  And we’ve been called to something even greater.  By His grace we can change the world!

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