Fear Not

FEAR…it’s subtle in its approach, yet crippling in the aftermath. For me, it started with the boogeyman lurking under my bed. Then it was about acne that surely would make me a bachelor for life. The older I got, the more sophisticated it became. Fear does that—it grows with us and has many disguises so its approach remains subtle. Fear’s goal is for us to become at home in it and not know how to function outside of it. 

I then became afraid of what people thought of me and whether I would be good enough to be accepted, so I kicked into performance mode which made way for anxiety. And it only grew from there. What a waste of time!! I’m sure you could tell your stories. King David said, “Fear will never conquer me, for you already have!”

When we believe this—that He has us, covers us, made a way out for us and He has our heart—then fear has nowhere to land. The lie is that we can’t shake it off. Since God told us not to fear, then there IS a way out. That’s how He works. It doesn’t have to last forever. The truth is it can’t overcome us unless we let it. That’s right, you have the power to shake it off or let it take over. King David set a precedence for us to follow—“I won’t let fear conquer me because I know  He has me and there’s no better place to be.” Let this truth conquer you!

Tim Spirk

IG: tim.spirk

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