Praying Powerful Prayers (Part 1)

Matthew 6:9- “When you pray say, ‘Our Father.’”

If there’s ever been a time needing the powerful prayers of the people of God—this is it! Jesus clearly taught us how to pray. We’ve come to call His model prayer “The Lord’s Prayer.” But it’s actually our prayer. It’s how we pray effectively.

From the start of this prayer, Jesus teaches us to pray with the awe and intimacy of much-loved children.

The very first words we say are, “Our Father!” We connect with God as children who fully belong to Him. We’re no longer orphans! We’re fully adopted daughters and sons!

Jesus said, “I will not leave you as orphans!” (John 14:18). Orphans strive to be noticed. Orphans perform to feel accepted. Orphans exist in despair, constantly competing for a perceived “limited supply of love.” It’s why the Pharisees boasted in their prayers. It’s also why others flooded their prayers with hopeless babbling (Matthew 6:5). Both flow from an orphaned heart.

There’s a vast difference between praying as an orphan and praying as His child:

Orphan                                                          Son/Daughter

Beg                                                                  Declare

“Pray hard”                                                     Pray believing

Many words                                                    Focused, faith-filled words

Reactive                                                           Proactive

Talk about the problem                                   Talk to the problem

Fear-based & devil-focused                            Faith-based & God-focused

Mostly asking                                                 Mostly thanking

Uncomfortable with silence                            Values soaking & listening

Burdened                                                         Joyful

Anticipates spiritual attacks                            Expects protection & breakthroughs

Today, as you pray, connect with your Father as His much-loved child! Connect with Him as our Father—for we all share equally in the same quantity and quality of His love!

Pastor Dave Hess

FB: Hope Beyond Reason
IG: hopebeyondreason

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