Praying Powerful Prayers (Part 2)

            When you pray say, “Our Father in heaven, Holy is Your name!” (Matthew 6:9)

If there’s ever been a time needing the powerful prayers of the people of God—this is it! Jesus clearly teaches us how to pray. We’ve come to call His model prayer “The Lord’s Prayer.” But it’s actually our prayer. It’s how we pray effectively.

At the beginning of this prayer, Jesus encourages us to enter into worship.  Holy is Your nameis more than the starting point of prayer—it’s the atmosphere of prayer. Another translation of this verse expresses worship this way: May the glory of Your name be the center on which our lives turn.(Matthew 6:9 TPT). The word “holy” or “hallowed” means “to place as central; to make of utmost importance.”

Bill Johnson emphasizes the importance of worship this way: “Worship positions us to pray. Whether we have 10 minutes or hours to pray, take 75% of that time to worship and turn your affection to the Lord. The effectiveness of how we pray is based on the place we pray from. You can pray a lot of things in a short time when you’re praying from His presence!”

Today, as you pray, connect with your Father in the amazing climate of awe and intimacy! Worship Him in the beauty of His holiness!

Pastor Dave Hess

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