Praying Powerful Prayers (part 3)

“When you pray say (i.e., declare with authority)!” (Matthew 6:9)

Jesus taught us to pray with the awe and intimacy of much-loved children (i.e., “Our Father in heaven, Holy is Your name”). He also taught us to pray with the boldness and passion of confident warriors!

Two of the strong declarations Jesus told us to make as we pray are phrased as commands. They can be literally translated as:

“Come, Kingdom of God!”

“Be done, will of God!”

Jesus, who taught us to “always pray and never give up” (Luke 18:1), commands us to declare our mutual desire to see Heaven fill the earth! We are to do so expectantly—refusing to settle for anything less! We are to pray confidently—standing under His authority we can boldly speak with authority!

Prayer is anything but hopeless begging. Rather, it is confident trust in a victorious God! Jesus said, “All authority in both heaven and earth has been given to Me!” (Matthew 28:18). If Jesus has it all—that means the devil has none!

Today, as you pray, stand under and in His bold authority!

Pastor Dave Hess

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