You Were Born For This!

You were born to thrive in His Kingdom.  You were not set up to let the world happen to you.  You were sent to happen to the world.  You have not been reduced to play the powerless victim role.  Not for one minute!  No, you have been raised to live powerfully—to “reign in this life” (Romans 5:17).  And our Father supplies you with all you need to enjoy this abundantly confident life.  He “daily loads you with benefits” (Psalm 16:18 NKJV).  So much so, “at all times” you will have “all you need” (2 Corinthians 9:8 NIV).

            This doesn’t mean our life will be free from difficulties.  Each of us will face unexpected setbacks in our preplanned schedules.  Delays can be some of the most trying experiences we face.  Between the moment God gives us a promise and the moment He brings fulfillment; the test of time can really test us.  We can be tempted to “give out” in despair, to “give in” to disappointment, or to simply “give up” our hopes and dreams.  Or we can position ourselves to receive the most amazing gifts our Father has for us in such seasons. As we wait expectantly for Him, He gives us “new strength”—an increased capacity to trust Him and not be afraid! 

–Pastor Dave Hess

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